Purified Water – 10 Litre


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Purified Water EP

Pure Klenz Purified Water EP is a high grade purified water conforming to standards - European Pharmacopiea (EP) British Pharmacopiea (BP) and Technical Memorandums HTM2030/01

Each batch is independently tested and certificated by a leading third party UKAS accredited, GMP licensed analytical testing laboratory as well as being strictly monitored onsite.

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Conductivity – Compensated to 25’C <4.3 µS/cm (Typically <1)
Appearance – EP Method Clear, Colourless
PH Value @ 25’C 5-8
Ammonium (as NH4) – EP Method <0.2 ppm
Nitrate (as NO3) – EP Method <0.2 ppm
Sulphate – EP Method Passes test
Oxidisable substances Passes test
Calcium & Magnesium (hardness) – EP Passes test
Acidity – EP Method Passes test
Alkalinity – EP Method Passes test
Total Viable Count (TVC) 5 days <100 cfu/ml (Typically <1 cfu/ml)
Heavy Metals – EP Method <0.1 mg/l
Chloride – EP Method Passes test
Residue after evaporation <10ppm