Purified Water EP

Applications that require Purified Water EP include - Pharmaceutical production, Autoclaves, Laboratory testing, Medicinal use, Analytical use, Food processing and many more

Pure Klenz Purified Water EP is our highest grade water. It is suitable for many applications including, Autoclaves, Laboratory testing, Pharmaceutical production, Critical cleaning, Industry and Science based organisations and more. Pure Klenz Purified Water is one of the highest specification bottled water available and is used in organisations from Dental Practices to Blue Chip organisations and laboratories.

The process used to purify our EP Grade Water is as follows: Common tap water is firstly passed through a softening process, contaminants and organic material are then removed using reverse osmosis. The water is then passed through a twin bed deioniser which removes the cat ions and the an ions, by now the water is typically < 1ms/cm In the final stages of purification a .2 micron filter will remove any remaining bacteria and UV treatment removes any remaining traces if micro organisms.

Pure Klenz Water conforms to: European Pharmacopoeia (EP) British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Health technical memorandums HTM 20-30/HTM 01-05 British Standard BS-EN 13060.

Each batch is independently tested and certificated by a leading third party UKAS accredited, GMP licensed analytical testing laboratory as well as being strictly monitored onsite.

We can supply in a wide range of pack sizes (1ltr-1000ltr) for prices see below. For bulk orders please contact us to discuss discounts.

Purified Water 5 Litres

Purified water
5 Litre

Purified Water 10 Litre

Purified Water
10 Litre

Purified Water 25 Litres

Purified Water
25 Litre

1000 litre tank deionized water

Purified Water
1000 Litres IBC