Deionised Water

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High Quality Water At Low Prices

Pure Klenz, producers and suppliers of high quality Deionised Water throughout the UK.

Synonyms of Deionised Water include DI Water, DIW, De-Ionised Water, Purified Water. Used in laboratory testing, critical cleaning, laser cutting, automotive, cosmetics, food processing and many more.

To produce Deinoised Water, potable water is put through reverse Osmosis removing organic matter. The water then passes through a twin bed Deionizer removing Cat ions from Sodium, Calcium, Iron and Copper then An ions such as Chloride and Sulphate.The Conductivity is typically <1µS (Microsiemens) and the TDS is 0ppm when produced.

Deionised/Demineralised Water 5 Litre

Deionised Water
5 Ltr
£2.80 + VAT

Deionised/Demineralised Water 5 Litre

Deionised Water
12.5 Ltr
£8.90 + VAT

Deionised/Demineralised Water 25 Litre

Deionised Water
25 Ltr
£10.50 + VAT


Deionised Water
1000 Ltr IBC
£245.00 + VAT